Many people are trying to get a guaranteed no credit check credit card. Such cards don’t really exist. There are credit cards for people with bad credit, and there are also credit cards for those without any credit history. Any credit card provider will want to know more about your credit history before he gives you a credit card. Therefore, all providers will perform credit checks.

Most people are looking for no credit check credit cards because they have bad credit. However, even if your credit is bad, you can still get a credit card. Here are several alternatives.

You can get a prepaid card. This is a good option, because there is no risk of getting into another debt. You pre-load the money, and spend only what you have there. Basically, this means that you can only spend the money you have; it can be a great option for those who buy impulsively. There are several types of prepaid cards. Some of these can help you improve your credit rating (MasterCard with credit builder). This card can give you a small loan (with no interest), and you can repay the loan every month, and this will improve your credit rating (because it will show lenders that you are a responsible borrower).

Before you apply for any card, check your credit report. Lenders will see this information! See if there is anything you can do to improve your credit rating before applying for a credit card. You should apply only for the credit card you can actually get. Be realistic!

You can try the Barclaycard pre-application check. It will perform a “soft” check on your credit, without harming your credit rating, and after this, you will know more about your chances of getting a card. Visit the Barclaycard website and choose the “Am I Eligible” option.

“Bad Credit” credit card is another option. You can’t avoid a credit check, but even if you have bad credit, you can still get a credit card. There are cards for people with bad credit, and it is not hard to get one. A “bad credit” credit card can help you improve your credit rating, so getting one can be a good idea.

Here are several credit cards for clients with bad credit.

Capital One Cash: it is created for people with no credit history. There is no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees, and automatic reports to major credit bureaus will help you build credit.

Journey SM Student Rewards: created for students to help them build good credit. There is no annual fee, and a student can choose to get e-mail and text alerts to keep him/her on track.

Capital One Secured MasterCard: no application fees, no processing fees, automatic reports to the major credit bureaus (to help you improve your credit rating), access to your credit score, and a refundable deposit. You can use it like any other MasterCard, in different locations worldwide.

Walmart Money Card SM Master Card Prepaid: no back account is required, no issuance fee; minimum balance is not required, and you can use it wherever MasterCard debit is accepted.

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